Getting my day started

ML Jan 27, 2006

So, it’s 11:00AM, and I’m really only just getting started for the day. That’s fine, because I went until 1:00AM last night, and made such good progress yesterday. Also, today is Friday, meaning I can go as late and long as I want to without worrying about tomorrow. This can be a VERY productive day. I lost an hour and a half this morning trying to update my Symbian UIQ Sony Ericsson P910a phone with the latest iAnywhere Pylon client sync software. I convinced our IT guy to upgrade, so I could get the newly added features of syncing to-do items and notes—something I got very fond of with my old Samsung i700 PocketPC/Smartphone.

The iAnywhere instructions say that I need to uninstall the old Pylon application at very minimum, and better yet, do a hard reset. Only two problems: the Pylon software doesn’t show in the uninstall program, and the process for hard resetting a P910a is some sort of secret. You can find instructions on the internet that involves removing the sim card and doing a series of presses, but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyway, I did a restore to undo any damage I did this morning, and decided to get back to MyLongTail.

I’m sitting in Starbucks right now. I can’t find a free and unsecured WiFi connection, so I’m working offline right now. I am considering one month of T-Mobile hotspot access, and I see that they offer a special deal for T-Mobile voice customers. But I don’t want to put my credit card information in on a WiFi network, so I’ll do my thought work here, return home when I’m done my coffee or the battery starts to drain or I finish my thought-work, whichever comes first.

The marker upper program that I wrote is just awesome. I think I’ll be able to crank out babystep tutorials in a fashion and at a rate that is unrivalled on the Internet. Indeed, MyLongTail may start to become known as a programming tutorial site. But I’ll have to maintain a separate identity for that area of the site, because I don’t want to scare away people who are just there for the main feature—a clear and easy to implement natural search optimization strategy. It’s more than a strategy. It’s a play-by-play set of instructions.

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