Added WiFi Hotspots, and Paying Less

ML Jan 30, 2006

So today I joined the ranks of the wireless warriors. I was on a $60/mo T-Mobile plan that got me 600 peek hours, unlimited night & weekends plus unlimited Internet and download (over the phone only). But now with my shiny new Averatec that everyone thinks is an Apple iBook, I have the itch to walk NYC, sitting down in any Starbucks to do my work. So after about a half hour of talking to a helpful T-Mobile rep named Sidney, I came up with a combo that gets me everything I want.

I’m now spending $10 less per month, and I have unlimited T-Mobile WiFi hotspot access from my laptop as well. What I gave up were 90% of my peek hours and evenings. After I got off the phone with them, I suspended my XP laptop at home, walked over to the closest Starbucks, and connected. A remote desktop session that I had running to my PC at the office came right back, even though it was a different WiFi network and had been in suspend mode. Thing have really improved.

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