Blog pinging and Pingomatic

ML Jan 30, 2006

I plan on understanding a lot more about how pinging works in blogging systems. I’ve built blogging systems, but before all this pinging stuff was going on, so nothing on that system becomes part of the blogosphere, proper. I just submitted HitTail at the Pingomatic site. And a lot has to be learned just from that process—not the lest of which is simply the names of the different pinging services. Pingomatic even shows you the feedback of the ping.

I don’t know if Pingomatic is using Web Services or simulating a webpage submit. But if this isn’t an application built for Web Services, I don’t know what is. For posterity, and for later review, I did a screen capture. Now that I did this ping, HitTail is really going to be in the blogosphere, because who knows what happens as a result of a one-time ping. There will very likely be discovery-bots sent out, and automatic revisits without pinging by proactive news gatherers. And for the sake of interest, here’s the spider visitation within the first half-hour of doing this blog-ping. Some of these are crawlers that I haven’t seen on HitTail before. Hmmmm…

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