Blogger SEO advantage confirmed

Blogging Feb 7, 2006

Well, the HitTail site ended up being in the Google SERPs today for the first time. This is concrete evidence that a previously non-existent domain can go from registration to being served in results in just about 2 weeks — and that using Blogger as an on-site blogging tool provides some advantage. I’ll be watching to see if it sticks. The page that got picked up was the blog index page.

To find the page, I searched on the site’s tagline in quotes. It’s hard to find in the results if you don’t use the quotes. And the results are cycling between at least 2 sets of results, one of which doesn’t yet have the blog index page. That shows I’m spotting this just as the new results are coming live.

The Google “site:” command shows that only that page has been picked up and indexed, the homepage. And the homepage has only been recognized, but not indexed.

And if you’re logged into your gmail account when you do these searches, you get additional data! It shows the exact time it was posted of 5:39PM. Unfortunately, that was 5:39 on February 2nd, which was 5 days ago. I speculate that this comes from the additional data Google has available about the page from the Blogger data, since Google owns Blogger.

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