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SEO Tools Feb 21, 2006

I cannot help but be disappointed each time I try a new analytics package. They are all concerned with Top-5 this, Top-10 that. They, by definition, distill down all the data into reports that show you only the most important data, which ignores all the granular information, where the long-tail goodies exist. This, by definition, makes traditional analytics packages poor choice as search engine optimization tools. But the alternative seems worse—being overwhelmed with log file data. Either way, paralysis is the result.

HitTail specifically addresses data analysis for natural search optimization by keeping the entire data granularity, but skimming off only the bits that are important for SEO. As a result, you can easily look at the details of every single search hit that led to your site. You can even go as far as clicking to reproduce each and every search engine hit, reproducing the first page of your visitors’ site experiences.

Log files need to be deleted, or else they will fill your hard drives. Analytics packages have similar limitations. Neither keeps all the cumulative data that represents the life of your website from a natural search optimization standpoint. When did your first search hit occur? When did the first search hit on each new term occur? What was the latest new term to lead to your site? No data is left there to be mined. You essentially lose all of your memory after each reporting cycle. It is therefore impossible with today’s tools to create superior search optimization suggestion tools that uses all the available competitive intelligence off of your own site! Enter HitTail.

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