Previous Next Arrows Vs. Previous Posts for SEO

On-Page SEO May 23, 2006

So, if previous/next arrows with keywords are so influential for SEO, why am I not using MovableType or WordPress that support them, and instead using Blogger, which doesn’t? The answer is in the “Last 10 Posts”—or in the case of my Blog, “Previous Posts” links. It’s always ONLY 10 posts. So the voting power within the page is diluted on a per-link basis. Each link you construct on a page is casting that much less of its Google-juice voting power to other pages. But because EVERY permalink page has a similar “Last 10 Posts”, and the list is slightly different on each page (by one link), it’s a zero-sum game. It all evens out, and each page is being proportionally EQUALLY buoyed by its neighboring pages as if it were the less-diluted version of prev/next arrows found in MovableType and WordPress.

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