Some HitTail Beta Tester Quotes

HitTail Best Practices Jun 3, 2006

I’ll use this blog post to track the quotes as they come in. By far, the most generous and hopeful is from Donna D. Fontenot of who said:

“Just started using this brand spanking new SEO tool called HitTail and I am already addicted to it. […] This could be the killer SEO app of the year!”

I encourage you to visit her site for the rest of the quote.

Mark Wilson of Semantic Thoughts has this to say:

“Now there is a site to help you build a long tail! […] They have some very interesting graphics to explain what they do (explaining concepts like this is not easy to do).”

Duane Forrester, and Insider from Search Engine Forums, has this to say:

“After only a few hours of this thing tracking data, here’s what I think: 1 – it works – too many tools you try are busted out of the gate and the guy keeps saying, ‘Sorry about that – try it now…’ This one works as explained. 2 – It makes me feel……….excited! […] OK, now, my overall impression is this could very well become a useful too for me.”

And of the PowerPoint/Flash presentation I put together with the trial version of the awesome Camtasia product from TechSmith, here is what a respected ex-boss and serial entrepreneur had to say:

“It is a GREAT concept/idea and the presentation is probably one of (if not THE!) best I have seen. VERY clear and informative…!!”

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    Mike Levin

    HitTail made it into the Museum of Modern Betas. It’s not a quote, but is worthy of mentioning here.

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    Mike Levin

    Angela Booth of The Creative Factory writes “I’ve just started using HitTail, which is free in beta, and which may just hold the keys to the SEO kingdom, so to speak.”

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    Mike Levin

    Duane Forrester after some testing has come back with a few more quotes: “After a few days of data form one of my own websites, I can easily say this is the missing link type stuff for keyword research. […]This data is available through pretty much any GOOD analytics package, but even then, it’s tough to sort through and find it quickly.

    My results so far have given me an almost endless number of new content topics or ideas for addition to my website – in fact, there’ sno possible way for me outpace the ‘suggestions’ with ‘content creation’.

    True, we’re only going after incremental stuff here, but it all ads up and I’d rather OWN the results for truly niche searches than fight for the first two pages on popular terms.”

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    Mike Levin

    Donna from SEO-scoop is testing HitTail’s staying power: “So, three days ago, I told you about HitTail, which I thought would be a must-have seo tool. 3 days later – I still think that, and I’ll explain why in more detail…”

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