Starting The Privacy Policy

ML Jun 3, 2006

I clearly have to write the privacy statement as one of the first beta-testing issues. It comes up over and over. I have to research the topic and hand it over to my bosses to hammer out, but I’m going to put the spirit of the thing here so that all you beta testers feel comfortable.

We use the same technology as popular analytics software in order to have access to the page-visit information from your site. Specifically, we use a tracking gif graphic just like Google Analytics (previously Urchin), and certain versions of WebTrends. It essentially gives us access to your log files, and this brings up both privacy and performance questions. I’ll answer the privacy question here, and the performance question in another post.

We will not violate the privacy of HitTail users. The data will not be shared with other companies or sold or provided in any way. HitTail will not be a success if we violate our users’ privacy. And to put a fine point on it, Google the company that’s developing it: Connors Communications. It’s the PR firm that launched and Priceline. It simply could never do something bad from a public relations standpoint as sharing data. We consider ourselves as having the same confidential relationship with you as we would any public relations client. We hope that the relationship we’re starting with you through HitTail will encourage you to approach us to discuss your public relations needs, or refer associates to us that are looking for a PR firm that really “gets it”.

So, your privacy is important to us, and I will be using the spirit of what’s expressed in this post as the starting point for an official privacy policy.

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