The Tracking GIF Performance Question

ML Jun 3, 2006

Ok, so the next common beta tester question is that of performance. Tracking gifs have been known to slow down page-loads. Will HitTail as well?

Of course, we plan for this to never occur. Our ability to expand our servers will rely greatly on how well this things takes off. If I see hundreds of registrations to start to pour in, we are going to be able to quickly dedicate new servers to the cause and ensure slowdown never occurs.

From a technical standpoint, we have taken many precautions to make sure we can continue to operate at with extremely fast performance. I don’t want to give too much away because it is part of our secret sauce, suffice to say because we are so focused on one little feature, tracking for SEO, we have to do much less than other sites who serve tracking GIFs. We also have the ability to specifically distribute the traffic amongst multiple servers according to load.

One of the beautiful characteristics of HitTail that makes it work so well is that the sites who need it most have the lowest traffic. Sure, we’ll attract (and already have) some of the most hyper-competitive SEOs and affiliate marketers who are trying out the latest killer app for SEO, but I expect that over time, the vast majority of users will be members of small or medium size company’s marketing departments who are looking for intelligent alternatives or ways to enhance their paid keyword campaigns.

So, the bottom line is that the entire system is rigged to maintain low-stress/low-volume on our equipment, coupled with the ability to rapidly distribute the workload as it achieves massive success.

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