Made it into The Museum of Modern Betas

ML Jun 4, 2006

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that HitTail made it into the Museum of Modern Betas within days of us putting the descriptive PowerPoint/Flash demo out there. I think that was the critical piece in hitting home what this site is all about. It was recently described as too obtuse, which I wholeheartedly agree with. It’s a big reason why this wasn’t even viable until there was a concept with which to “frame” the description, and timed with the pay-per-click honeymoon being over. While I expect the AdWord and Yahoo Search Marketing to continue to rise, I also believe that the average marketing department will start looking for alternatives, encounter the concept of SEO, be disheartened about how expensive, difficult and rife with conflicting information it can be, and look for an alternative even to that. Indeed, HitTail is positioned in the path of the Tornado, and few sites have stated it so eqloquently as Saurier Duval at the Museum of Modern Betas.

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