The Next Big Thing: A Killer App for SEO

SEO Tools Jun 4, 2006

There is a certain chicken-or-the-egg dilemma in the HitTail approach to keyword marketing. Suggestions will only be issued if SOME search is already leading to your site. It expands upon content that already appears on your site by seizing upon happy accidents. This post poses to solve the chicken-and-egg dilemma in a cleverly self-referential fashion.

We’ve all sat and brainstormed keywords before, and know that there’s no way to outguess the collective guessing power of the world. Those of us who look closely at our log files are also often surprised by the infinite variety of terms that actually do lead to our site, which could very well convert into customers, but for which we could have never anticipated.

Finding and targeting all these keywords in doorway pages is enormously spammy. And why target them, if they’re already leading to your site? The point is to ferret out new and lucrative terms–only those terms that produced one or two happenstance hits, and are buried so deep that no one else is likely to match the original searcher’s determination. These keywords are gold. And the list of such words is much shorter than you might imagine. They come in a few a day, and maybe only one of these is a truly appropriate writing topic… coincidentally just about the rate you might like to blog!

But that doesn’t solve an “under-stimulating” site, where the suggestions stop coming in. For those, you have to float a few test balloon posts based on your brainstorming. Get into the mind of the searcher. What MIGHT they be searching on? Then, make a post regarding your thoughts on that topics, and name it with GOOD keywords. I was tempted to name this post “floating test balloons” or perhaps “the happy keyword accident”. But that’s not in the head of HitTail potential users. The SEO-Scoop site said it best: the killer SEO app of the year. And that did indeed rocket me to the first page of Google on the phrase killer seo app.

But that’s still not in the mind of HitTail potential users, nor the slightly broader audience I wish to reach. They’re all looking for the next killer app… or perhaps the next big thing. Well, Blogger supports fairly long titles, and those are perfectly valid headline ideas for this article, so I will use both. This article is not intended to get a sniper-like direct hit on any search terms. It’s intended to stimulate the suggestion tool! Who knows what two words will combine in a happy accident and reveal to me exactly the right concept to bring in HitTail users.

It sounds like a post on subject-matter toical focus using the gun analogy is coming soon. When you make a page to get search hits, which do you go for? The sniper approach on a particular phrase and exact arrangement of words, or the shotgun approach, where you try to pick up as many as possible hits with one shot?

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