No Keyword Suggestions Coming In?

ML Jun 5, 2006

So, it’s pretty clear that even after you confirm that the code is installed properly, some people still have no suggestions coming in. Well, this has to do with making sure your site meets some base-line level of search-friendliness. This is why I recommend blogging software, especially for someone just getting started with the HitTail process. There are three issues here to consider: being visible at all, what content you already have, and priming the pump with new content.

Being visible at all, you should know by whether anything is coming in under the Search Hits tab. If you are sure the tracking code is installed properly, and still nothing comes in under Search Hits, your site may be just too new to be producing visits through search yet, and you should consider some alternative promotional activities, or your site is completely invisible to search, and you should consider different website publishing software, or perhaps (and this is PERHAPS) a different domain.

Once you’re visible at all, the next thing is how much content you already have on your site that is working well for you. If you do have a lot, then HitTail should start streaming in the suggestions right away–because it is about incremental improvements over hits you are already creating. There is a catching-up period during which time A LOT of suggestions may pour in all of the sudden. After that, they will slow down considerably. This may be disappointing, but is exactly where the HitTail becomes so strategic, and will save you lots of time optimizing in the long run. More on that in a later post!

Finally, if you have SOME content on your site that is producing A LITTLE bit, the suggestion stream may also be slow. There may be no suggestions at all. If this is your situation, and you still want to use the HitTail method, you’ve got to prime the pump with content. You have to brainstorm topics you WOULD like to come up on, have something useful to say about them, and start blogging. Get 20 or 30 posts out there over the course of the month. Once the Google/Yahoo/MSN indexing cycle goes by, you will have a much greater chance of producing some hits… particularly the obscure ones that live in the long tail.

But don’t stop blogging. You should get into the grove and build momentum. Aside from USING HitTail suggestions, this is where some of the greatest advantage in SEO comes from. For a multitude of reasons, not all companies can talk freely and often on their website. The nimbleness and agility that a single individual has is often one of the biggest advantages of the David vs. Goliath in SEO. Everything from politics to IT issues can keep the necessary work from being done in large corporations. So use that though to keep your spirits up during the keyword suggestion dry season.

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