What is SEO 2.0?

ML Jun 5, 2006

It’s recognizing that someone found your site by searching on the phrase “What is SEO 2.0” and finding your site buried in the search results, even though you didn’t specifically optimize for it. In recognizing this fact, SEO 2.0 would have you create a new blog post or new website content that answered this question, just as surely as if a website user had sent you an email with the very same question.

You see, communication is going on all the time between your web users and you. Most website administrators and marketers are just deaf to the sound. Why? Because picking out important events that occur on your website is nigh impossible given the current tools. Huh?

Well, someone found this site by searching on the above-mentioned phrase. As producing just one hit ever on my site, would this show up in my analytics reports? Maybe. Would my attention be called to it? Probably not. Would it be cut off because it wasn’t one of the top search it producers, and analytics can’t show you everything? Probably. Could analytics software recognize that it was the first time that this term EVER led to your site, and that it has something important to do with your main message, and that you should probably jump on this opportunity to answer… but to answer in the most efficient way possible… in a blog, so that all future searchers with the same question FIND YOU?!?! No, analytics software won’t do that.

That is the heart of SEO 2.0. It’s the missing link. It’s the keys to the kingdom. It’s the next big thing and the killer app. It gives SEO as a field and a profession as much a chance to mainstream as AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing has over the past few years. All the mechanics of SEO will be turned into best practices, which are not much different than Web usability best practices.

Pathetic pedantic pursuit of the top-10 factors that influence Google will be abandoned, realizing it’s a moving target, and there is a much more holistic, yet STILL scientific approach–an approach whose effectiveness spans across engines and across time–an approach that you would not be embarrassed to sit down and discuss with a Google Engineer. For you see, the HitTail approach has a critical DISCONNECT in that last tab called “To Do”. HitTail will not do your writing for you. It will not plagiarize. It will not auto-generate doorway pages. All it will do is humbly suggest a topic or term that you may wish to use in your next post, because it knows that if you do, you will be increasing your odds of answering every person on earth who has that same pressing question on their mind… in this case: What is SEO 2.0.

Welcome to HitTail.

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    SEO 2.0. Enough knowledge for SEO 2.0.


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    Michael Zino

    And maybe SEO 2.0 will be an honest effort to optimize search engines in a way that they will finally give you optimal organic search results rather than returning pages that were artificially manipulated by utilizing common SEO practices (either on-page or off-page). Meaning, SEO 2.0 will be about optimizing search engines and not the pages themselves.

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    1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 it’s all SEO!

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