MyLongTail Name Change Coming

HitTail News Jun 6, 2006

Get ready for a name change. We want this to be as large and mainstream in marketing as AdWords and whatever we’re calling Yahoo’s product these days. In fact, we are learning our lesson from, which became Overture, which became something we can hardly say smoothly in a sentence. Connors Communications, the company that’s developing this site, was’s public relations firms in the earliest days, and have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Bill Gross’ Idea Lab several times since.

We want what we’re creating here to become a common noun. We want it to something you can do (a verb). We want to be something you can visit, something you can be deeply engaged in. And as appropriate as MyLongTail was for a cool Web 2.0 beta, we want something with solid, long-term staying power. We want to be Kleenex. We want to be BandAids.

Even better, we want to be as fundamental to business as the concept of Retail and Wholesale. When you think about it, this method of marketing is the exact opposite of Retailing, in which shelf space is limited. Using the techniques we’re teaching you here, your so-called shelf space is unlimited! Infinite! We don’t have to carry just the top 20 hits. The long tail supports unlimited hits. There’s plenty of room for hits… in… the… tail.

HitTail! Or HitTail (help us decide).

If you can’t reach your market through Retail, try HitTail. That’s right. What we’re all doing here is HitTailing. We’re all HitTailers. We hope it will be a hit. Hits in search lead to media coverage (a.k.a. hits), which lead to hit products. Which hit do we mean? You decide.

Anyway, we think we now have something that will easily worm its way into the lexicon of business, and live very nicely side by side with words like AdWords, Overture, DoubleClick, and the rest of the pioneers in this field. This is the magic bullet we think it will take to move the difficult and ever-more-competitive, but never-more-necessary field of search engine optimization (like calling steak burnt, dead cow flesh) into the mainstream. It’s time to sell the sizzle. So, sign up for HitTail, install the code, let it run for a few days, and come back to see Your HitTail… plus all the wonderful writing suggestions that will be issued to you in that time.

Don’t worry. None of the existing code will change. But don’t be surprised over the next few days as the logo and the URL for the main website does change. Hope you like it, and all feedback is welcome.

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