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Content Jun 16, 2006

How much expertise in writing and SEO is required to make the HitTail site work? Not much. That’s why we highly recommend using blogging software to get started. You can muck around with fixing your website with “traditional” SEO, or you can use a form of content management system that just does it all correctly, is free, psychologically reduces publishing friction, and “pings” the world with a form of news alerts whenever you post.

The traditional SEO route is a much more difficult road to travel. It involves URL rewriting, forcing templates to use variable data where previously they did not, fighting back and forth with aesthetic concerns, such as whether headlines belong on websites, or foundational issues, such as content being hidden in Flash or other non-HTML media. There is a fix to almost every one of these problems. It’s just costly and painful for most organizations.

There is another road that is much easier to travel. It’s a road that Connors Communications specializes in. But I’ll forgo a full explanation, because it’s not the subject of this post. Suffice to say, we connect to ANY content management system, and provide a different presentation layer to the website that magically addresses all the SEO concerns. Think of it like your database being Microsoft Word, and your published website being the printer. We swap out printers. But I digress.

Your organization needs little to no SEO expertise to switch from paid keywords to natural search, if you use blogging software for HitTailing. In particular, beginners are best advised to use Google’s Blogger site, because you can easily “plant” your blog in a subdirectory of an existing site. That puts all the magical SEO juice you’re squeezing into the same place as your main website. This is always a wise move.

Then the other question is how much writing ability do you need? Well, you do need some. In fact, you need quite a bit. But think how much energy you sink into managing pay-per-click campaigns. Why not put a little of that into a creative writing class, or perhaps pick up some books on writing from your local bookstore or Amazon. Or hire freelance writers. Or assign the task to the person in your company who already writes marketing literature.

Writers write to be read. HitTailing adds new levels of value to the writer’s craft. Once you walk them through the HitTail demo, I’m sure their creative juices will get pumping. An increasingly important part of SEO (search engine optimization) that so many people neglect to talk about is getting EVERYONE to want it–from tech, to marketing to sales. One of the stakeholders who wants it most, once they learn what HitTailing is all about is actually the writer. So, three two birds with one stone: give them their voice, get your HitTail writer, and solve your corporate blogging strategy.

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