HitTail Is Not Analytics

ML Jun 17, 2006

So, I’ll be making the demo much shorter. The concepts are quite difficult for most people to grasp. A common mistake I see expressed on the forums is that it is ONLY drawing a list of keywords, while the truth is it’s ferreting out the best writing topics to address next in order to raise the capabilities of non-SEO folks, and save marketers lots of time. A shorter demo that gets to the point quicker may help.

Its way too easy to think this is analytics, when it doesn’t even try to do analyze anything other that what writing topics are your best next choice to improve natural search performance.

On the other hand, people, who have been figuring out how to write for the long tail of search, but who have been struggling with how to choose the most effective next term “get it” right away. They are the HitTailers of the world. Exporting your entire keyword list is just not the same thing, and they see that right away. Once you have a long keyword list in Excel, what next? It’s like a search engine with no concept of relevancy. Yes, you can export the list, but…

Will your entire list be filtered based on what words have just led to your site for the first time EVER? (therefore showing you the effectiveness of the MOST RECENT content you released)

Will your entire list tell you which words are best to target based on how buried in the search results they were when some very determined searcher found you? (therefore showing you happenstance un-targeted terms that are good choices to target)

I suspect that people who discount HitTail at quick glance are the same people who discounted Google, because AltaVista and HotBot already existed. Without looking closely, it is easy to think it was nothing new. But a new and better approach can make all the difference in teh world.

One of my favorite business-writers summed it up by sorting people into four quadrants: early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. HitTailers definitely fall into the first two quadrants. I hold out hope for people who don’t yet get HitTailing at first glance. It’s a difficult concept, and easy to overlook the profound meaning of the the deceptively simple lists–particularly the Suggestion tab.

Let’s see if we can’t turn a few of them around.

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    Hello, I’d like to know how I can track several websites, do I have to open several accounts?
    Please reply on your blog or on the contact page of my site senserely.com thank you.

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    Mike Levin

    This is turning into one of the most requested features in beta (great beta feedback). For now, sign up for as many accounts as you like. Use the same email address, but a different username. In the near future, we will let you log in with your email address + password, and it will pull up all your accounts (no further effort)! Thanks for joining the HitTailing revolution.

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