When Will Matt Cutts’ Vacation End?

ML Jun 17, 2006

Tired of waiting for Matt Cutts to come back from vacation? Dying to read something new? To garner some new insider tidbit so you can go scrambling to adjust your site? Try reading through the blog posts on this site. While none of it is specifically about Matt, it does hit on a brand of search engine optimization (SEO) that has been repeatedly eluded to over the years as ethical and effective. We’ve bottled it, and are hereby giving it away free.

Everyone has access to the keyword suggestion tools in AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Everyone has access to WordTracker. But where can you find YOUR best keywords? You have a set of keywords just waiting to have their potential released, by merely targeting them. They are word combinations that you never specifically thought to address, but are still leading to your site, but are buried in the results.

Many of us now have been practicing log file mining. And if you have a technique that’s working well for you now, read no further. This is not for you. But if you’re part of the mainstream masses who can’t grep log files, and don’t know how to mathematically zero in on the best terms for targeting, then read on. This site is for you. It will put you on equal footing with the tech/math/pattern-discerning geeks (like me), and save you time to boot.

HitTailing is the process of mining your log files, but jumping right to the most promising keywords for building new natural search traffic. Huh? Read over Matt’s posts on the best way to find keywords to target. They’re in your log files. But if they’re in your log files, they already lead to your site and are not worth targeting, right? But what if they led to your site on page 10 of the SERPS?

Whoever clicked on that page-10 link effectively handed you over competitive intelligence. They’re telling you:

  1. You CAN be found on that term.
  2. You HAVE been found on that term (they were interested enough to click).
  3. You could probably be doing better on that term.

Get it? That’s HitTailing in a nutshell. It helps you ZERO IN FAST on the best terms for targeting, so your site can snowball in effectiveness.

And regarding Matt Cutts’ unusually long vacation, I guess it gets me a little nervous considering Robert Scoble’s recent departure from Microsoft and Om Malik’s departure from Business 2.0. It makes one wonder if the path to instant independent success isn’t becoming pseudo-official high profile blogger for some major company, then going off and doing your own thing. Hmmmm. Makes one wonder.

Anyway, check out HitTailing. Feel free to comment on any of these posts. I know that by tapping into Matt’s readership, I’ll be exposing this Web 2.0 beta to a rigorous workout–concept-wise, and server wise. But I feel we’re ready on both accounts. COME AND GET IT!

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