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Technical SEO Jun 18, 2006

So, how quickly do the search engines respond to a deluge of in-bound non-reciprocal links and blog-posts being created on a semi-popular keyword? Since we got Netscape’d the other day (sort of like getting SlashDotted), A LOT more eyes have been on HitTail. User registrations are doubling every week, and we’re considering cutting off new beta tester sign-ups. So if you’re interested, sign up now.

Anyway, a few days ago I was happy that the HitTail site was coming up in position #140 in Google on the term “long tail” (with the space, but without double quotes). Today, it’s in position #29. That’s a stellar jump, putting it onto the third page of results (for now). This is consistent with the Google patent information of last month, stating how Google is sensitive to the RATE AT WHICH new in-bound links are established. This can also account for the rolling window of opportunity that newly discovered content often experiences. The rate of new in-bound links decreases as it becomes old news, and so relevancy and position in search results follow.

So, everyone please tell your bestest buddy about HitTailing, least someone else (maybe a competitor) fills the limited beta tester slots.

So, what about MSN? We’re in position #50. That’s the bottom of the fifth page of results. Not the first three pages, but it’s a start.

Yahoo? Nowhere to be found (yet).

Anyway, with the exception of Yahoo, I think we can infer that some clue that has been left about the Internet recently, be it the pure Web content, or the new rash of inbound links, or all the blog pings, Google and MSN are quick to promote a site. Yahoo, while the pages are indexed and the site is “known”, it has not received a similar relevancy boost from the meme-chasers.

That doesn’t necessarily make Yahoo better or worse than the other two engines–only different. It takes longer to do well with Yahoo with long tail writing AND sudden linking. The clues that that Yahoo follows to rank sites in the short-term is simply more subtle. The pages are in there. They’re just not ranking well yet. I’ll keep you posted here as we have developing evidence of the effectiveness of HitTailing with Yahoo. But for those with little patience, only expect to see changes during that magical 2-week cycle in MSN and Google.

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