HitTail Rockets in Popularity

ML Jun 26, 2006

So, HitTail is turning out to be wonderfully popular. Part of the pain of success is that over the weekend, we had an outage that affected login. It didn’t impact tracking. I went in, did a few optimizations, and had it working again in a couple of hours. That’s the price of the early stages of a beta program. All in all, we’ve been keeping pace admirably with this thing’s skyrocketing popularity.

Anyone buying into the silly people who jumped on this as an opportunity to criticize SQL Server, ought to check out the figures from the trusted and objective TPC Council. All we needed to do was fine tune a few indexes, and had a server that consistently outperforms Oracle and IBM DB2 in all classes bellow 3,000 GB of results (where DB2 and Oracle pull ahead). Then, when you look at the cost, whoa does SQL Server look good.

How will we scale? Just throw anohther SQL Server on the barby.

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