Status Update: Demo & Beta

ML Jun 27, 2006

Pshwew, the demo is finished. I’ll be adding a few finishing touches over the next couple of days, such as a position-slider, pause and mute buttons. Funny that those things are not just built into Flash. I recall the JibJab 2004 campaign animations had a version 2 where these features were added. It’s something you don’t realize (or don’t want to think about) until you’ve watched it a quadrillion times. And it’s the piece that almost forces you to get into ActionScript, while virtually everything else with an animated demo can be accomplished with no programming.

Having basically learned Flash in a week, and added precise timing to narration, it shows me how someone with the pent-up need to perform can express themselves through Flash without ever having to get up in front of anyone. If you have a sense of humor, and a sense of timing, then Flash is for you. And if you have a narration track or music already to work with, you can go to town. It’s no wonder Flash attracts animators like Shawn Vulliez who animated Lemon Demon’s Ultimate Showdown, who probably wouldn’t otherwise have such a broad audience. Using Flash feels like opening up a can of Shaq Fu.

Anyway, we’re listening to our beta testers, and we have been blessed with an abundance of praise, and very few bugs for something a couple weeks out of beta. The suggestions are breaking down into two categories: easier management of multiple accounts, and easier importing/exporting of lists. We have plans for both, and will have a developer meeting tomorrow to determine which and how to implement. A special thanks to Gary Beal and Duane Forrester who you may know as TheScubaGuy and SportsGuy, respectively, whose feedback has been incredible. We’re working on your features!

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