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ML Jun 30, 2006

So, this is a blatant promotional request to all HitTail beta testers. We’re planning for the HitTail website to be the epicenter of the HitTailing revolution, and we’re in a race to get the practice known as HitTailing as opposed to longtailing. Longtailing could refer to just about any practice involving the long tail concept… not even marketing in particular. Longtailing could just refer to the general concept of selling niche products. We want HitTailing to be synonymous with the practice of long tail keyword marketing in natural or organic search. And to achieve this, we need to enlist you to help spread the word.

We haven’t begun regular email correspondence with the beta testers yet. In the same spirit as we are enormously respecting privacy (imagine that in a tracking system), we are endeavoring to not spam our beta testers. We’re currently working on getting our forum running so that HitTail users can communicate with us AND the rest of the HitTailing community in an open forum. We thing this will have the best efficiencies, and be the least spammy. But for now, I’m just putting these across-the-board appeals into our blog. For those who subscribed to the blog, you will receive the emails. For the rest, I am just hoping you will discover it here in good time.

We need your help spreading the HitTail word. We thought long and hard about how to develop this thing to balance the needs of HitTailers with the needs of search engines, and believe we have struck the perfect balance — achieving what HitTailers want (driving qualified traffic) and what Search Engines should want (quality, on-topic pages).

We also thought long and hard about how search engine optimization fits in. And after a great deal of deliberation, have concluded that it almost doesn’t. The mechanics of SEO should be fading into the background of the discussion. There are best practices now. URLs should be search friendly. The main topic of the page should go into the title tag, and be repeated again in the URL, headline, and in links leading to the page. We don’t need to train every HitTail user how to do this–particularly in light of the fact that blogging software already does it so well. We’re not advocating that you switch your corporate website over to Blogger, WordPress or Movable Type. Duane Forrester has also clued us into bBlog, which we haven’t played with yet, but have his assurance that it’s an open source blog package with all the same SEO-friendly virtues.

But we are advocating that you start HitTailing with all due haste, and using these softwares so that you can defer the discussion regarding the mechanics of SEO for some later date. Let your tech team get the religion of search optimization. They must see their value in the organization being a direct reflection of how much spontaneous, free website traffic they are generating as a result of their technical decisions. The entire burden should not fall on the shoulders of the marketing folks, because it’s an impossible battle if tech doesn’t buy in. The projects simply are that complicated, and therefore not worth discussing here. If you really are interested, and have some serious money to pay, contact Connors about it. We love working with tech, and have spread the religion (and the play-by-play rulebook) in some very large organizations.  

But for everyone else, just combine blogging and HitTailing for now. And you can start by helping us spread the HitTail gospel… please! Our beta program is going spectacularly well, and think we can take a few thousand more sites onboard during beta. Make sure that these slots go to friendly folks and not competitors. Or at least to people you know who are in a DIFFERENT market space than you. By helping us promote HitTailing today, you will be helping to shape the super niches of tomorrow. Make your land grab now, and help someone else make their land grab in a way that aligns to your goals. Perhaps you can get someone HitTailing in a space that is adjacent but non-competitive to your own space, so you can start doing some cross-referrals.

Whatever strategy you decide to take, we have made it as easy as possible to spread the word. We plan to tap the power of YouTube and their awesome viral video serving resources. So instead of programming our own “share with a friend” system, we’re going to sink all our resources into making HitTailing better. In the very same spirit of using “best of breed” products (analytics, estore, forum), we are using YouTube for viral message dissemination. So please go share the video with a friend. Thanks!

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