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HitTail News Jul 6, 2006

One of the most requested features by our beta testers is now released. You can download all your HitTail keywords as CSV files (Excel). From the Keyword, Suggestion or To Do tabs, just click the Excel link. A requestor will pop up, asking whether you want to delete all the keywords after download. Go ahead and answer yes so that on your next download, you only get the new keywords.

You can bring your keywords into Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or any program that can load the popular CSV format (coma separated values). We can imagine many uses for this feature, including using your own methods of recordkeeping. But if you’re using HitTail like GaryTheScubaGuy, you can keep grabbing your new keywords and load them into your AdWords campaigns.

Remember to mark your keywords as “deleted” when you export, so you’re always exporting a fresh list of keywords. But don’t worry, because if you do decide to import your HitTail keywords into an AdWords campaign, the AdWords interface will automatically prevent duplicates, so feel free to keep importing them into your campaigns. Just purge out the keywords that don’t perform in order to keep your campaigns effective.

Keep in mind that the downloaded keywords are determined by your tab and filter selection. So, you can download any “set” of keywords that you like. In other words, you can select any combination of the Keywords, Suggestions or To Do tabs with the ALL, New or Deleted filters in order to get any keyword list you want.

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    great addition!

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    Found what I hope not to be a bug, but I used the export Seach Suggestions feature last night and the export did not export anything and becasue I had the delete box checked, my suggestions are now gone, bummer! I would suggest not checking the box for sdeleting until after you’ve exported. I hope this was a one time occurrence but you never know.

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