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HitTail News Jul 8, 2006

This week formally wraps up the first month of the HitTail soft beta launch, and we’re celebrating it with a public HitTail forum to stir the juices of the rapidly developing HitTailing community. It’s a place to discuss just about anything HitTailing. In fact, the possible subject matter is so broad that we decided to launch with just a single general forum, so all HitTailers know where to look for the action during the initial few weeks of the forum. So, hop on over, create a forum account, and post an introduction. Feel free to bring up questions including technical support. We’ll help you get the code installed, make sure its working correctly, and provide publishing ideas.

Today is also significant, because one of the first in-depth HitTail analysis appeared online this morning from Robin Good of MasterNewMedia.org, a blog dedicated to what Communication Experts need to know. This is a tripple-win, because:

  1. It’s an in-depth analysis, and we are excited that people are recognizing the thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial nature of HitTailing.
  2. It’s from a general communications site, showing us that the appeal of the product extends beyond the inner-SEO-circles in which it was launched–something that’s going to be necessary in order for it to achieve its potential.
  3. The analysis was right on-target, telling us that whatever we’ve been doing to communicate the difficult concepts surrounding HitTailing must be working.

Thanks, Robin. We enjoyed the analysis and hope that maybe the topic of ethical use of a potentially spammy tool can be the basis for many lively forum discussions. And so, it ties back to the beginning. HitTailing is finally something new and different in marketing (though those who have been keyword mining log files for years will debate it). At very least, it’s new to the mainstream marketing world, and has lots of topics that need to be ferreted out and discussed. In the first month, we “forced” the discussion out into all the respective forums to help disseminate the message. But now after a month, we think the introduction is over, and its time to start focusing on some HitTail community building.

So, drop in and tell us who you are, and maybe a few words about your HitTail experience so far. Look forward to chatting with you!

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    SEO Portal

    I don’t get my account details emailed to me… is there something wrong with the forum?

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