Trouble-shooting HitTail

HitTail News Jul 10, 2006

I’m starting this topic proactively on the topic of trouble-shooting. Based on the first month of beta testing, here are the things to check…

  1. Did you register with the exact domain name, or did you leave off the www? If your site is, it needs to be registered that way. If you just registered, it won’t work. We understand some sites work with both variations, and we’re working on that. But for now, stick with the most popular use.
  2. Is the code installed properly on your site? The most common mistake we’ve seen is FrontPage and other visual Web layout users pasting it in using Design mode instead of HTML mode. The code gets mangled. Be sure when you view source, the code appears exactly the way HitTail gave it to you.
  3. We had at least one case of a typo in the code. Check to make sure your code begins like this: <script src=”… and not like this: <script xsrc=”><script xsrc=”… In the very earliest stages of the beta, we let this typo slip in. It only lasted for a day. Your “number” would be really low, like below 50, to have this typo in the code.
  4. Is the code on every page of your site? This is easy with content management software like blogging software. It’s not so easy if you hand-edit your pages. And if you put the code only on the homepage, the suggestions issued by HitTail will be nearly non-existent.

Well, that’s about it. There haven’t been that many errors, and when there have been, it came down to one of these four items. But how to check if it’s working?

Take note of a phrase that you know for sure leads to your site through search. Often times, people use a sentence from one of their pages in double-quotes. Close out of ALL of your Web browser windows. Open a brand new window. Perform the known-to-work search. Click the results. Then go to HitTail, log in and look under the Search Hits tab. You should see the hit that you just generated. If you don’t, get in touch with us. We’ll help you trouble-shoot it.

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