See Your Google, Yahoo or MSN Long Tail

HitTail News Aug 8, 2006

One feature we quietly rolled out was the ability to view different long tails for different search engines. So, on your long tail chart, you can switch between viewing your total long tail, and your long tail within just Google, Yahoo or MSN. It’s been described as way-cool. We agree.

There is a lot of discussion about how much of your traffic actually comes from Google vs. Yahoo vs. everything else. And if you can get this figure, usually it’s in pie-chart form with little connection to keyword distribution. You don’t know whether a particular engine is biased towards just your popular keywords, or whether it’s a diverse selection.

Now, you can see it very clearly. View what your long tail of search looks like in just Google, Yahoo, MSN or all of them together–another HitTail first.

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