Your Various Long Tails of Search

HitTail News Aug 11, 2006

Ever wonder how much search traffic was occurring on your site OTHER than Google, Yahoo and MSN? Wonder what the long tail of search looks like each for each engine? How about your long tail of search once you filter OUT the big three? Now, you can find out. We just added the “Other” option under Your HitTail tab.

HitTail has already been showing people all over the world the shape of their long tail of search. The difference with this new feature can answer questions like: does all the rest of your search traffic added together even equal that of Google? (of course not). Does it even equal that of MSN?

Sure, the chicken-and-egg effect exists here. Just because all the other engines added together don’t even come close to the big three doesn’t mean you can ignore them. This is merely a way to keep it in perspective, and investigate differences in the longtail shapes between engines, and the search landscape as a whole, with and without the big three factored in.

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