Monitoring a Meme

HitTail News Aug 16, 2006

So, with HitTail being a brand new product and a made up word, I have the unique opportunity to watch it set into public awareness. More specifically, I get to watch what goes out through syndication systems vs. who the original writers are. And our first press release went out on Monday. So now we have examples of meme with a variety of different starting points:

  1. Posts in the HitTail blog
  2. A deliberately syndicated article (82 instances)
  3. Press release re-publishing (37 instances in 3 days!)
  4. Stories written as a result of the press release and our pitching
  5. The YouTube viral video

This approach to watching something set in from scratch is “pure”, because the term HitTail was virtually unused before our product. Our monitoring searches have sort of a built-in filter not enjoyed by companies that name themselves as common words.

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