Yes, HitTail Saves Time Over Analytics

HitTail Best Practices Aug 17, 2006

Two months ago, we answered the question of whether HitTail saves time. This was one of the first indications that we were onto something different and simpler than analytics software. HitTailing is for people who don’t want do deliberate over charts and graphs, but rather want to get right to the business of growing the qualified natural search traffic on their site.

None-the-less, this post is about reproducing that same graph almost 2 months later. Many more HitTailers have jumped on the bandwagon since then, and we have much more data. Does the size of the sweet spot look the same? Yes.

This graph shows how much of pure search activity HitTailers are zeroing in on, after filtering out even 10x more data. What’s in red represents only the pure search activity HitTail cares about.

Green is what ends up in the suggestions tab.

Once again, this is NOT a long tail diagram. The lessons learned here are…

1. There is a very uneven distribution in the search optimization skills of HitTailers. But way more “super-optimizers” have jumped on the HitTail bandwagon since the last time we posted on this subject.

2. Even highly successful traffic-driving sites vary wildly in the number of suggestions that they issue. Certain website publishing techniques simply spike the suggestion process much more than others.

3. Most HitTailers have extremely low traffic sites, perhaps explaining their interest in HitTail in the first place.

4. The proportion of keywords issued as suggestions remains unchanged. Only a small fraction, on the order of 5%, get issued as suggestions, confirming our theory that yes, HitTail saves you enormous amounts of time by helping you zero in on the portion of your long tail of keywords that matter.

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