Not All Keywords are Suggestions

HitTail Best Practices Aug 26, 2006

I’m falling into one of the same traps as many HitTailers, and that’s the fact that many of the terms that appear in the Keywords tab are exciting to me, even though they are not being issued under the Suggestions tab as well. And because of a draught of suggestions, I’m tempted to manually move appealing terms to the Suggestion tab. These are things that once written about, we ALREADY seized the top positions, and therefore no longer need to be targeted. It’s functionally a waste of time to get fixed on them.

But these terms are SOOOOO GOOD.

Terms I no longer need to target include…

  • Natural Vs. Paid Search
  • Paid Vs. Natural Search
  • Free Keywords
  • Blockbuseter Vs. Niche
  • Long Tail Marketing
  • Longtailing

Almost any one of these terms, I could write on about indefinitely. And as appealing and worthwhile as it may seem, I remind HitTailers that it’s not about writing about things you know you already position well on. Even if you’re on page 2 of results, that one more post stands much less chance of boosting you onto page 1 and generating more hits, than picking something of interest that’s on page 3 which you never deliberately targeted and bringing it to page 1 or 2.

It’s about amassing a mass of topics – not about one super-topic.

It’s about tightening the knit of the net – not about stronger fibers.

It’s about exposing more of your site’s surface area to search – not about polishing the pages it already knows about.

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