HitTail = Free Natural Search Optimization from PR Firm

ML Aug 30, 2006

“Why free?” is a recurring question about HitTail. Will it be free when it’s out of beta? How do we plan on making money on it?

HitTail is free because we want to change the world. “We” in this case is Connors Communications, a PR firm that gets it. Natural search and public relations are inextricably linked in ways so deep that only by creating HitTail can we make the world get the depth of our understanding and commitment. Making the basic service free incalculably advances this cause. Don’t worry; there are plenty of premium services whereby we can monetize it.

How does HitTail relate to the broader field of natural search and the pay-per-click industry?

Unlike PPC, natural search optimization has had great difficulties becoming a mainstream part of marketing. We plan to change all that. While HitTail doesn’t cover all aspects of natural search optimization, it does tear down some very imposing walls. We want the natural search discussion to spontaneously start like a thousand points of light across the world. And the timing is right with the increasingly popular notion of the long tail. The metal is hot, and we’re hitting it.

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