Understanding Long Tail Thinking

ML Aug 30, 2006

We’re grateful to every one of the HitTailers and bloggers who are generous enough to mention us, especially in these early days when a lot of people still don’t “get it”, and some who do are torn about whether to spill the beans.

So, it is in that light that we want to give a particular shout-out to the women of Blog Squad at the BuildABetterBlog site. They not only have identified us as a potentially useful tool, but they refer to our video as a way to better understand long tail thinking!

Well, to us this is phenomenal praise, considering almost as difficult as making HitTail has been explaining why it works. We consider the release of Chris Anderson’s book fortunate timing in helping explain the cause, but are keenly interested when people refer to OUR video as a way to wrap your mind around the concept. Yay!

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    Wendy Piersall

    Hey thanks for the link HitTail! I’ll do what I can to help spread the word – I’m really impressed with what you are doing. 🙂

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