Chasing The Long Tail of Natural Search

Keyword Research Sep 5, 2006

This blog post gets back to the HitTail basics, and how it lets anyone systematically target the long tail of natural search. And in this case, “anyone”, is the typical marketer, uninitiated to the arcane world of search engine optimization (SEO). HitTail is a way of using blogging software to immediately start capturing more of the natural traffic that is rightfully yours.

HitTail accomplishes this by cutting right to the heart of the matter, and telling you exactly what to write about, using sophisticated algorithms that “know” these topics are bound to do well for you in natural search. 99% of what’s presented to you in analytics software is off the point. Assuming you already have a site capable of making the sale, all you need to know is what topics to target. And that’s what HitTail tells you.

You can listen to long-winded seminars about targeting the long tail of natural search. But the essential problem is that when you pull your “long list” of keywords – a list that can be pulled from any healthy site – the challenge is in knowing which of these 10,000+ words to target. If you choose things you’re already doing well on, you’re wasting your time. If you choose things that are wholly unique one-time hits (no matter what you do), you’re wasting your time. It’s about zeroing in on that sweet spot, where you’re right on the edge of performing well on terms that will produce recurring traffic.

And thanks to the way blogging software works, you have effectively targeted the topic after you create your headline. The rest of the page is freed up for the art of writing. And hopefully, HitTailers will take advantage of the fact. We’re trying to encourage good habits, writing what will be most valuable to your readers, and just incidentally pulling in that readership through natural search.

Recently, Stephan Spencer of NetConcepts accused me of comment spam when I tried to let him know about HitTail. His post was headlined “Chasing the Long Tail of Natural Search”. Now anyone who knows me and my work in this area probably knows my complete sincerity when I try to spread the word about HitTail. This should be conveyed in great part in how we’re making it a free service, which will remain free even after beta.

I’d like Stephan to know that I don’t begrudge his accusation, and can understand the knee-jerk reaction to a comment post when “PR firm” is connected to it. Controversy abounds surrounding the role of PR online, and some folks just love to jump on the bandwagon thinking they caught a PR firm “astroturfing” on behalf of their clients. Of course in this case, HitTail isn’t so much a client of Connors so much as a direct creation of mine. And yes, I guess I do like to let people know about it – especially people who write about (and host Webinars on) chasing the long tail of natural search…

…exactly the thing our tool is designed to let you do in the most efficient manner possible.

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    sovereign speculator

    I will be looking at hittail a bit latter. I’m just getting a feel for its nature right now.

    It may well be a boon to my ad campaigns.

    I doubt anyone with a business blog is fully altruistic.

    I’m certainly in business to make money. In my opinion – if a comment adds value for the blog’s readers – it is not likely to be spam.

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    Mike Levin

    Thanks. Yes, few business blogs are altruistic, and therein lays the trap of posting comments that link to relevant tools. If the tool is interpreted as competition, you’re a spammer. If it’s not interpreted as competition, then you’re OK.

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