Organic Search Overhauled by PR Firm?

ML Sep 16, 2006

So its time to set the record straight regarding HitTail versus the analytics packages with an organic search twist.

Right off the bat, we’re free. Yes, we’re free while in beta. But we’re going to remain free even after beta, with certain stipulations. High traffic sites are going to have to pay, because we’re not made of money after all. And compelling premium services will be offered over and above today’s services. But at heart, we think the HitTailing process is for everyone.

Secondly, we’re all about PROCESS–not data. We strive to offer a smooth, tight and seamless site optimization process that can’t fall into the spam chasm. We want the HitTailing process to be sustainable, long-term and apply across all search engines. We want it to evolve with search itself. Our product development will reflect this–becoming less and less like a traffic monitoring tool, and more like a direct, straight-talking advisor and editor. Everything about HitTail seems to be counter-intuitive, and it is a mixed blessing–the definition of an early-adopter’s product… but can it cross the chasm?

On the counter-intuitive topic, we couldn’t care less about pretty pie charts and graphs that break down your traffic. In fact, we hardly even care about pulling the list of long tail of keywords! Yes, that’s right, it’s a big waste of time if you’re not careful. Target terms that are working too well for you, and you’re wasting your time. Target terms that are unlikely to ever be searched on again and you’re wasting your time. In between lays the sweet spot, and the reason for HitTail’s existence. We’d prefer to show you nothing but the Suggestions tab if we could–but that would deprive folks of their Search Hits tab addiction.

So, what makes HitTail different is in how WE pare down that massively long lists so you don’t have to. Consequently, my earlier posts about how HitTail primarily saves time. It’s a nuance that will be difficult to get across to the mainstream until the groundswell of early adopters are reaping all the benefit, making the old-schoolers squirm and start to question what’s going on. But that’s just the nature of change.

One of our objectives is to blatantly remove the paralysis through analysis that plagues the performancing tool landscape today. Bottom line: HitTail is for marketers who live busy lives and don’t want to be left off the organic search bandwagon. And that’s why the overhauling of the intimidating field of natural search optimization is quite probably coming from a PR firm. Getting across these subtle but important points is as much a matter of effective communication as it is building a better mouse trap.

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