Resources to Learn About HitTail Before You Register

ML Sep 18, 2006

So, we’re still not communicating quite as clearly as we could about what HitTail is. I received the feedback that we want you to sign up for HitTail without explaining much about what it does. I’m sure some of it is navigation and site design issues. I don’t think we control the experience enough upon arrival at the site. But at any rate, here are a few of the things you can do to learn about HitTail before you even register…

  • A FAQ answering many additional questions.
  • A blog with over a hundred posts delving into issues in some depth.
  • A free trial.

So you see, we are really trying to provide resources to allow people to understand what HitTail and long tail keyword optimization is all about before asking to make the committment of registering. What good is a registration if someone doesn’t know yet whether they want to try it?

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