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Yesterday, I was interviewed on Justin Hitt’s radio call-in program, and spoke to a virtual room full of business people. The call went well, and we covered a lot of familiar ground. But the point that came up early that I want to mention here is what HitTail does not do for a site.

As is the opening schpeil of many traffic-driving services, you can drive all the traffic in the world to a site, but if the site is not capable of capturing and converting prospects into customers (or subscribers), then all the traffic in the world isn’t going to help. HitTail doesn’t fix fundamentally broken sites. So, we launched into the tiniest bits of key advice you can use to quickly fix any site.

First of all, there is exactly one click-path through a site that’s important. That’s from whatever page you land on to your “call-to-action” page. And in all cases that should be precisely one-click from whatever page you landed on.

Justin asked whether this meant adjusting your on-page copy (or blog post) to put the call-to-action in the text, maybe as the final parting message. I countered with the fact that this tends to influence your writing style and priorities too much, and maybe drive away readers with too much of a sales-y pitch. Instead, it’s best to embed your call-to-action directly into the navigational graphics of your site.

And if you’re using Blogger and your site resides in a subdirectory of your existing site, it’s a very easy matter of seamlessly intermixing your main website with the blog location where you’re HitTailing. In other words, your blog is pretty much indistinguishable from the rest of your site, and has all the same navigational graphics as any other page of your site. And those navigational graphics contain your overarching message, or perhaps a 800 number, and most certainly your “Contact” link.

The idea is that any site, no matter how fundamentally broken, can have a few light touches to the graphics that are pervasive throughout the site so that your call-to-action is only one click away. This is a very powerful technique for HitTailers to convert their increasing levels of traffic from qualified prospects into actual customers.

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    My site is a bit schizophrenic, so a call-to-action of come sort is always around the corner.

    The trouble is matching the prospect to the right call.

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