TechCrunch New York Party & Google Hits

HitTail News Oct 19, 2006

What happens when a top-tier tech publication sends out an invitation to the world for a NYC meetup, includes you as a sponsor the invite, but doesn’t hyperlink your logo? You get a spike in Google search hits! In this post, I provide a rare branding insight possible still because the domain is so new.

For example, I can easily calculate how many Google hits per day occurred by people specifically looking for hittail over the past month. The number is 12. While this doesn’t sound like many, remember HitTail removes duplicate searches from the same user, so that’s 12 different people specifically looking for hittail every day, because they heard about it. Not bad.

So what about today, with the TechCrunch New York party invitation going out, on which we’re a premiere sponsor? How many people have search on HitTail as a result of that? The total Google hits so far today is 24 (at the time of this writing). So, searches on HitTail have doubled today over the 30-day average, which most likely can be attributed to TechCrunch. But we cannot know for sure that this was a result of the TechCrunch invite. Yes, it’s highly likely, but it’s like we did a direct mail campaign and neglected to add a promotion-code. The real traffic driver was TechCrunch, but its all being credited to Google, already making it difficult to track our ROI.

Lesson learned: when you do an online campaign like a party sponsorship that can be a direct traffic-driver and don’t include a web-link back to you, you are giving up your opportunity to directly attribute traffic to the campaign. Worse yet, because the first thing everyone thinks to do is type the “brand” into a Google search, the credit for the visit goes to Google!
Well, at least the searches on HitTail have doubled so far today, no matter the cause. If you are searching for us because you’re going to be at the TechCrunch party on Thursday evening, November 16, 2006, then we look forward to seeing you there!

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