Keyword Tools Useless for Long Tail

ML Nov 30, 2006

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things. Meanwhile, here’s another longtail keyword article that voices the need for HitTail better than I ever could have…

Today’s keyword research tools are simply worthless for finding long tail phrases that have search value.

I have this list of keywords I just wanted to run through an analysis
tool to tell me which words were the best performing on raw search data.

I don’t care about competition, duh, because I am looking for long
tail. (i.e. no competition. Not anyone that I have to worry about anyway.)

Everyone and their sister is writing about “internet marketing” in my
niche because of keyword tools, even Google’s, being so out of touch with
today’s publishers’ ranking needs.

All you get back from all the keyword tools is silly, nonsense phrases
that are all mixed up if they are 3-5 words, or simple two word phrases that
everyone goes after.

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    Jack Humphrey

    It is quite funny how information travels on the web.

    I was obviously frustrated when I wrote that article and I realized half way through it that I could probably get some comments leading me to tools that might help.

    Sure enough, Michel Fortin pointed me to HitTail and I have been watching the keywords roll in for about 24 hours.

    This is really interesting and a big part of what I was looking for (the other part being a pipe dream I think).

    I can’t believe you guys have been around this long and I didn’t know until Fortin told me a couple days ago.

    Still it is interesting how info travels.

    Rest assured – in blogging – when you ask questions and pose problems, your network will surely have something to share!

    I will be sharing HitTail with my readers for sure.

    Jack Humphrey

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    Mike Levin

    Thanks for the comment Jack. I ejoyed your article, and the frustration you felt was one we all shared here as well. Word of us spread quickly in some circles (John Battelle readers and a few of the SEO forums) and very slowly/not at all in other circles. We are greatful for any help spreading the word.

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