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HitTail Best Practices Dec 5, 2006

Once again, I find a HitTail user expressing what I find so difficult to get across.

“There’s a new FANTASTIC service out there (for once, this is a very
appropriate word!). Hittail it’s called. It’s about hitting the long tail and
it’s all very well explained on their webpage. The essence of it is, that once
you have those basic keywords in place, with almost no work you will get
suggestions for more and more keywords.

So? You ask?

So you get a suggestion for a keyword, or, more probably, a keyword phrase
and then you let your creative juices flow and write an article about it and add
it to your website or blog. Next time someone searches this, they can find

So simply stated, yet so complete. I’ve got to remember to play up the creative juices. Thanks, HalinaGold.

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    Mark McGuinness

    There’s a game poets like to play where you’re given half a dozen words and have to use them all to improvise a poem on the spot – sounds like the Hittail suggestions could work on the creative juices the same way…

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