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HitTail Best Practices Dec 19, 2006

There’s have been two good blog mentions of HitTail recently that I wanted to mention. The first is from the James Omdahl of the InsureMe affiliate blog, and points out that he found us through the recent BusinessWeek Best of 2006, where we were mentioned as one of the best ideas of the year. This goes to show that offline print versions of publications still drive online traffic. This is of keen interest to Connors Communications, the PR firm that incubated HitTail, because online hype seems to get all the glory. This sentiment is even echoed in Time Magazine choosing “You” as their person of the year. It’s a true long tail statement, and I’m sure Chris Anderson of Long Tail fame will be proud. If you take the top most influential people on the planet this year and add them together, it doesn’t begin to match the influence of all us B-list’ers added together. One of my favorite things about this post are the concrete hittailing examples that it provides.

On Monday I ran across a website called Hit Tail while reading BusinessWeek’s Best of 2006 article. BusinessWeek gave Hit Tail a brief mention […]
Intrigued, I went to Hit Tail and watched their demo video to better understand
what they were all about.

The second article is by another one of those people who instantly “gets it”—not an easy thing with HitTail. For many, the idea of writing for the long tail as a means of new customer acquisition is counter-intuitive. So, it’s a real treat to find a blog post that opens with a quote like this from Greg Martin of his own personal site.

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer and had difficulty knowing what to blog? Or if you do have a blog topic, are you sure it will be something your readers will want to read? I’m sure that has happened to millions of bloggers (billions of times!) including myself. Knowing subjects that will both yield hits and please readers is a tricky balance to find. Enter

Anyway, thanks to James and Greg for these blog posts. I’m considering offering people who make posts like this about HitTail some free time with the premium services once we go out of beta. And just a reminder to everyone who keeps asking, yes, basic HitTailing much as you know it today will remain free after we come out of beta and start offering our premium services.

And of course, a special thanks to BusinessWeek for the Building a Better Mousetrap article, and their recent mention of HitTail as a best idea of 2006.

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    Jeffrey Kishner

    I started my astrology blog a few months ago, after noticing in my stats that many of my readers want advice on how to seduce, make up with, break up with (etc.) different signs of the zodiac.

    All of my blog post titles come from my longtail, and I’ve had excellent traffic for a blog that is only two months old, nearly all of it coming from search engines. The longtail is the best idea of the year!

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    Lucky Balaraman

    There’s something about HitTail that’s been puzzling me…

    HitTail finds the long tail terms that hit your site. The idea then is to write separate content pages optimized for these terms.

    But why do this if these terms are hitting you in the first place??

    Look forward to your response —



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    All I have to say about Hit Tail is – I love it! As an SEO and real estate technology blogger, having all this information at my fingertips is endlessly useful. With the help of Hit Tail , we took a new, unknown, Sandboxed site and built it into one of the most widely read and searched real estate technology blogs. All within 6 months. So, kudos on your 2006 success and I eagerly await your 2007 features!

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    Mike Levin

    Hi Jeffrey, Lucky and ReBlog Girl. First, thanks for the comments, and sorry for not being more responsive on this “blog comment forum” we’ve created… as one of our MANY discourse outlets. I’ve got to check here more often.

    To ReBlog Girl: thanks, and we’ll be using your quote on our new TypePad quote and testimonial site, if you don’t mind.

    To Lucky, yep, that’s the rub. Understand that, and you will have great competitive advantage. The answer is that not all terms cleanly fall into the category of “things that work for you” and “things that don’t.” There is this ambiguous third category of things that are almost sort’a working for you, which could work for you a lot better if only given the proper chance. And it’s that third category with which the HitTail Suggestion tab concerns itself.

    Usually, you get things showing up there that are buried in the search results. Being found buried in search tells you two things…

    1. There is traffic actually occurring on that term, and someone bothered to go that far in.
    2. There are pages of crap ahead of you in search that dissatisfied someone enough to keep them digging.
    3. Since YOU’RE buried too, you probably never deliberately targeted the term.
    4. Since it was a coincidence in the first place, deliberately targeting the term is likely to catapult you right to the first page of results.
    5. This is a repeatable, and indeed self-fueling, process.

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