HitTail and the Affiliates – Love at First Sight

HitTail Best Practices Jan 25, 2007

It does my heart good to hear someone pick up on the double, almost triple, entendre of our name, HitTail. We mean “hit” in the sense of a search hit, of course. You get search hits in the long tail of search, each one representing a visit by one individual—one visit being the quintessential “small success”. But we also mean “hit” in the sense that Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine, often uses it in discussing the blockbuster hit—and we certainly want HitTail to become that. But then, we’re also a public relations firm (yes, a PR firm created HitTail), and whenever a client gets coverage in mainstream media, or even a blog, we call that a “hit” too.

So, I’m happy to hear a blogger proclaim HitTail is a Hit. I knew the Affiliate people were going to like HitTail. I get the feeling that the Affiliates are forced into the more shadowy realm of black hat SEO, because the competition is so fierce, and they’re not offered a better way. Well, Affiliate programs are the definition of long tail search engine marketing. The products tend to be off the beaten track, seeking alternative means of distribution and an alternative sales force. The strange, but still lucrative, keywords associated with these products are as diverse as the products themselves, and it was inevitable that when HitTail and the Affiliate community found each other, it would be love at first site.

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    Hi Mike,
    Actually I never really considered myself a blogger.

    Oh sure I have a blog but I don’t keep it up to date like some people.

    I just post things that I think are useful for the affiliate marketers and even more so for the merchants – the ones trying to sell their stuff using affiliates and affiliate platforms.

    Today I was sitting at the Vancouver airport in a hotspot and was freaking out watching my HitTail account show all these visits to my blog, from stumbleupon and now something called digg.

    This is all pretty new to me but I guess this Web 2.0 stuff works – in a nice way.

    Will be keeping an eye on this and trying to analyze it for my merchant clients.

    Thanks for the referral – hey now you’re an affiliate 🙂


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