Paralysis Through Analysis? HitTail Sets You Free

Analytics Jan 26, 2007

Are you suffering from analytics exhaustion? Do you dread logging in in the morning and making sense of all those charts and graphs—only to realize that the data is already a day old? Do you want to just have your finger on the pulse of your site right now, at this moment? Are you dying to watch your log files in a way that makes sense to you? Then HitTail is for you.

It’s been said by our own users that it couldn’t be easier to install HitTail on your site. You just register and put a snippet of code in your blog or CMS template, and voila! You’ll be able to see data about your site right away. No waiting a day for the reports to be generated. If a search hit occurs seconds after installing the code, you’ll see it. So not only does HitTail alleviate analytics frustration, give you a the pulse of your site as-of-the-moment, but it also is a really great source of instant gratification.

We’re not putting down analytics software. Quite the contrary, we’re big believers in it for complex sites that have business tasks and objectives. But for the average blogger, or even the average marketing person who just wants to see how active a site is, we think HitTail is a breath of fresh air. We’re filling a vacuum that was long left empty due to incorrect notions that running reports and offering back useful information takes a day.

More and more, bloggers and website owners are turning to HitTail as the one thing to run in addition to Google Analytics. Indeed, one of the most influential advisors in the blogosphere, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, made HitTail point #11 in the ways to market your blog in 2007 (I’m glad it wasn’t a top-10 list). Thanks, Darren. We certainly see it as a supplement to analytics, and on occasions where the website publisher is just trying to grow their natural search traffic, an alternative approach that can stand on its own.

Anyone trying to get their own articles onto the Digg homepage should use HitTail, because it’s going to tell you how you’re doing, even if you don’t start getting dugg up. You’ll see all the visitors. Same applies to anyone trying to get found through StumbleUpon. All that traffic is coming to your site, but it’s invisible to you—or you can’t see it until the next day, by the time it’s already too late to take real-time action to bolster your standings. Don’t believe me? Check out Peter, the Affiliate’s, comment on this blog post.

So, if you’re feeling a little worn, and not too anxious to log into that analytics dashboard, take a break, take a deep breath, and plunge into HitTail. Submerge yourself into that real-time dataflow that is like watching the Matrix. Enjoy the fact that the average marketing Jane or Joe can be part of the in-crowd and do the in-thing, without devoting weeks to learning complicated technical jargon or interfaces. Remember when Google came out, and it seemed strange how simple it was? Where were all the portal-schmortal features that weighed down sites like AltaVista? Yet somehow, it was just right. That’s HitTail. In the words of Peter, watch the demo video, and you’ll just get it. And you’ll realize you should have installed that free tracking code weeks ago.

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