Top PR Firm in NYC Created HitTail

HitTail News Feb 2, 2007

HitTail is primarily a tool for bloggers because of how it defers the greater SEO question for later. But its roots are in a boutique public relations firm in NYC. Connors Communications, the company that helped launch Amazon, Priceline, is sometimes referred to as boutique because of how the competitor PR firms can be large and impersonal, often with thousands of employees. Connors, on the other hand, specializes only in technology, education, and the things that improve our lives. Hence, HitTail.

I often ask myself just how mainstream of a tool we are making with HitTail. It will never be as big as Google itself, for which everyone is a potential user. But it will be more popular than any single blogging platform, because it is a methodology that can be used across all blogging platforms, and in fact, even with website publishing and content management software. So, I hope some day it could become as big as Blogger.

Blogger is #12 in the top-100 Alexa websites. Its Google PageRank is 9. There are probably million of Blogger-created sites, of which every one is a potential HitTail user—plus all the SixApart blogging packages, such as TypePad and Movable Type. Social sites such as MySpace, Vox and Facebook are more difficult because of how they’re made, but HitTail could perhaps pick these folks up as users as well.

Bottom line, needing to know what to write about to best improve your site has broad, mainstream appeal. HitTail too therefore has broad, mainstream appeal. And it’s arguable that people visiting sites that use HitTail tracking code are also users of HitTail, since they are inadvertently offering up potential writing suggestions to the site owners. So in the end, nearly everyone who uses the Internet and Web search is a likely HitTail user.

In this scenario, HitTail becomes the invisible hands and expert advisor. That’s right. HitTail is precisely analogous to the public relations industry. They both offer excellent paths to gain publicity for your company or cause, through high quality, consistent hard work that avoids the expense and glitz of advertising. So, it’s no wonder that while the other PR firms try to advance the state of public relations technology by opening office in virtual worlds or hiring prolific PR bloggers, Connors Communications just sits down and did what it does best—thinks about what’s required to change the game—then changes it.

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    You guys over at HitTail are doing an amazing job. The future looks rock solid for and eventually I know there will be a charge for this super powerful tool for webmasters. No problem though.

    Anyone that uses a computer has a few programs that they have always used for everyday PC related tasks.

    Programs like:

    1. WinZip and WinRar
    2. Adobe Reader
    3. Nero
    4. DivX player
    5. FireFox

    And now…


    Thanks again.

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