Long Tail Keyword Marketing Works

Keyword Research Feb 3, 2007

Back in June of 2006, I decided to create a concrete example of HitTail’s effectiveness in dominating long tail keyword searches. So, I made a post targeting “best pr firm in nyc” in order to give Connors Communications a little boost. Here we are 8 months later, and Connors is in the very first search position on that term across the board (Google, Yahoo and MSN). Go ahead and try.

I sometimes called this “across-the-board” keyword dominance. I developed this tactic back in 1999 where many from the SEO community will remember me as miklevin or Mike-Levin.com from the late Jim Wilson’s Search Engine Forums (JimWorld). I would start with 3-word combo’s, then work my way up to 2-words, and eventually to 1, and carry out the demonstration in a very public fashion, which got me some notoriety. With HitTail, I’m sharing that capability with the world.

Problem is, there are long 6-month-to-a-year waits involved. But here we are 8 months in, and it’s a rather effective demonstration. Sure it’s a 5-word combo, but it does occur. HitTail suggested that I write about it. Connors was buried several pages in search on that term. Now it’s the top position in all three engines. And all that was used was blogging software (Blogger in particular) and the HitTail keyword tool.

There are so many topics I could talk about now, such as how to ensure that traffic to a blog landing-page turns into a multi-page-load visit, or why blogging software has this erie influence over search. But instead, I’ll wrap it up there and let you ponder what would have happened had I been acting upon HitTail’s writing suggestions on a day-in, day-out basis for Connors. Wow, we really are revolutionizing public relations. I’ve got to get my team on that.

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