The Best Longtail Keyword Program

SEO Tools Feb 3, 2007

It is our intention to make the best long tail keyword tool in the industry. If we are not living up to that goal, please drop us a note in the comments, the forum or at hittail at connors dot com. We listen to our users and endeavor to implement every reasonable suggestion.

Our premium paid service is around the corner, and we are sorting the premium features from the free. Many blog posts have been made that HitTail will not remain free. This is only partially true. The basic service, much like what you are experiencing during the beta, will remain free, and we hope, eventually used by every blogger in the world. It is every blogger’s right to not only know the activity going on in their site, but for it to be presented to them in simple suggestion-box form, without the stress and trouble of a full analytics package.

In much the same way that blogging has redefined website publishing and content management, HitTail is redefining website feedback. We dare not even call what we do analytics, and therein lay one of our greatest strengths. Remember the portal-site wars of the late 90’s, and what happened when the counter-intuitive Google exploded onto the scene? They took a big chance, bucked the common wisdom, and won big-time. We’re trying to do much the same thing, and are curious how you think we’re doing.

Happy HitTailing–and let us know what you think!

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