HitTail Vs. Analytics Software – Are You Time-Challenged?

HitTail Best Practices Feb 9, 2007

Recently, I’ve been struck by how different a crowd HitTail attracts than the analytics crowd. While it’s still a broad cross-section, basically, there are a lot of online, yet time-challenged people using HitTail. They want the benefit immediately. They appreciate that they don’t have to wait a day to see data collected. And they want to come to one website for one very focused objective: build more website traffic, naturally. With that in mind, I put together a comparison-list (hand-drawn again), which my people may turn into something more substantial for the website.

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    Affiliate the Hun

    This post is right on the money. HitTail is good for people without much time, and want more traffic without having to know much (like affiliates). Too bad your chart is scanned, or else those words would help your HitTail results. What’s with that?

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    Jeff James

    Also great for generating negative keywords and expanding keywords used in PPC, pay per click campaigns. I wrote a brief piece on my blog about how I find it useful even working for an SEM.


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