Finding Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Research Feb 27, 2007

Looking for long tail keywords? You found them. As our friend Jack Humphrey stated it well, keyword tools are useless for the long tail. Most analytics packages want to show you top-this or top-that. Well, once you’re “top” there’s really not much room for improvement, is there? Would you examine your top sports team performers to see where your team needed the most help? And if you sent out scouts, would you waste their time one every high school kid on the field? No, you need a logical method of zeroing in on just the most promising candidates.

Most important, you need to do it faster than your competitors, and hopefully in a fashion that your competitors can’t breathe down your neck with access to the same data. If you’re using any keyword suggestion tool or inventory tool that aggregates content from many sites, there are two things wrong from a competitive standpoint. First, everyone else has access to those same keyword suggestions. And second, these words are not specifically chosen for their ability to perform well fast on your particular site.

How well can an automated keyword talent scout work? Well, HitTail keyword tool suggested that I write about how to find long tail keywords. It’s sort of dumbfounding that I didn’t think to bring people into the HitTail site on that particular word combination. But I didn’t. And HitTail pointed out that blunder. So now, I’m targeting it. How well did I do? Well, give it a couple of weeks, then search on the aforementioned term. I bet I’ll be in the very first position in Google. If not, it’ll be Jack, which is pretty much just as good.

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