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SEO Tools Feb 27, 2007

With HitTail rising in popularity, and questions starting to fly about whether it’s only for natural search, whether it works for paid search, and what types of results users might hope for, it’s time to make this quick blog post reminding everyone about the data that one of our earliest and most avid HitTail users, Gary Beal, was kind enough to share.

Read this article carefully. It’s an eye opener. Gary is basically saying that if you take your natural search results, and plow them into a PPC campaign, it’s effectiveness and value increases many times. Combined with the way we at Connors prescribe using HitTail (making blog posts working the keywords into headlines), you are optimizing your traffic on both fronts.

Gary has been in the SEO business for 10 years, and was recently a speaker at the SES conference in London.

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