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HitTail Best Practices Feb 28, 2007

OK, so I’m going to shamelessly HitTail one more time. I don’t have time today for a rambling high-value post that the BlogKing calls The Blogger’s SEO Manifesto (thanks Michael). But instead I will give a precise example of how HitTail works. I’m doing this because such a perfect writing suggestion came in, that I can’t wait for it to start adding traffic to this site.

It’s a great example, because the visitor, whoever it was, surfed 5 pages into the results after searching on the phrase which is this post’s headline, in Google Belgium. So, they were rather determined in their quest, and unwittingly handed us HitTail folks some competitive intelligence. It’s also a great example, because to act upon this writing suggestion, I’m committing all of about 10 minutes to making this post. So merely by running HitTail, noticing a writing suggestion and taking 10 minutes to act on it, I’ll be catapulting HitTail onto the first page of results on this term. Just you watch. It doesn’t even need to be used in the body of the post anywhere other than the headline. Take that you keyword density people! Longtail search marketing rocks.

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    That’s awesome!

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    Mike Levin

    Thansk, Justin. For anyone finding this page (and I know you are), go ahead and check. Search on “add traffic to your site”. We’re in the middle of the first page of Google. That’s the long tail in action. Yes, that was worth 10 minutes worth of work. We’re at the top of MSN Live too. We’re not in Yahoo yet on this term, demonstrating how Yahoo is slower. But no worries. We’ll be there eventually, with no addtional effort.

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    Wow. I can’t believe it. How fast did it show up?

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    Mike Levin

    Globalwarming, I think it took about 2 weeks–less in MSN. For the multiple sites, we do the exact same thing already. Just use the same email address across all your site accounts, then login using your email address as your username. You’ll get the same dropdown menu in the upper-right.

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    This is still shoing on p1 of Google + also a related post on another blog showing on 1st place in Google.

    So there’s more to this than some “google serp honeymoon”.

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