Writer’s Block

HitTail Best Practices Feb 28, 2007

OK, one more post just for the sake of HitTailing. This is an example of brainstorming and seeding an idea, because you know that it should lead people to your site. In this case, the concept is “writer’s block”. I have nothing to say about it, except that HitTail is a great way for bloggers who want to keep their posts up to deal with it. I got this quote from one of those aforementioned business women, named TawnyGirl. Thanks.

Not only is this a great way to focus your key word density to build your
long tail search results… but it’s also a GREAT way to get ideas on what to
blog about. So many suffer from writer’s block when it comes time to
blog… a quick look at the keywords suggested by this tool and you’re all set
with topic matter to blog about.

How is this HitTailing? It’s the strategic keyword selection process that you do to seed your site. The idea is that after this post has been out there for awhile, someone searching on this term will find the HitTail site (this post, in particular) sooner or later on a similar term, which I have probably failed to imagine. At that time, it will get issued as a suggestion, and I will know what term people plauged with writers block are REALLY searching on.

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