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Keyword Research Mar 8, 2007

Smart keyword selection is an essential part of activism. These seemingly disparate worlds of online marketing and promoting your social cause are directly related because search, specifically Google, is becoming the new arbitrator of who finds what… based… on… what… keywords!

Yep. In yesteryear, your filter was the selection of NBC, CBS or ABC. Then came 500 cable channels, and the TV channel guide filter broke, and search was added. Meanwhile, on the Web, search dominated all, and the ability to buy your way into search became a $5 billion industry, and Google became the new power broker of our era.

But whereas in regular media, the content which brought you to the site was TV programs or newspaper and magazine articles, Google’s content is natural search results. By giving a certain amount of customer arbitrage away for free, they are able to charge for enough to support the system. All media that’s advertising-supported is a middleman, pairing buyers with sellers.

With that quick bit of background out of the picture, any activist or social cause needs to know that they’re in the same game of getting paired with sympathetic audience. Problem being, you don’t know who that sympathetic audience is, where they’re reading or watching, and the like. All you know is that if they’re a part of your potential audience, then someday they’re going to Google on terms related to your cause. And you need to be in their path.

But where to start?

Of course, you start with brainstorming. You know your audience well enough to come up with a list of terms you need to target. Then, you use these terms in the headline of your blog posts. Over time, this will start to generate search hits.

And that’s where HitTail comes in.

HitTail provides a systematic way of making sure you thoroughly cover an expanding spiral of topics that spiral out from the central base of core content. The core content is the brainstormed topics with which you seeded your blog.

Over time, you will start to pull in a larger and larger base of readers–both those sympathetic to your cause, and those hostile. But the good news is that you control the online discussion. You will (hopefully) be one of the ten top-10 listings on that keyword. If you team up with like-minded activists, together you can be ten of the top-10 listings.

If you are an activist, you are the media. Start blogging, and use HitTail to make it work well.

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    Mike Levin

    For a startling example of how well HitTailing works, just search on the term social activism blogging.

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